Pain Doctor: Amazing Health Benefits of Going to a Pain Relief Center

Pain is a subjective feeling. There are people who have a high tolerance to pain while there are those who cannot withstand even just a little pain. The Pain Center offers different services in managing the full pain spectrum. Through evaluation of the physical and psychological needs of the patient, a pain doctor can provide a thorough, individualized, and responsive care plan. Through a combination of innovative technologies, the Pain Center provides a focused and personalized treatment plan for each patient.

Pain is considered a natural component of the healing process following injury, illness, or surgery. If the pain is improperly treated or ignored, there is a cycle of pain, and inactivity and depression happen. With an accurate diagnosis, pain can be effectively managed or eliminated, and the quality of life is improved. Since pain is unique in every person, the plan of care must be tailored to the needs of the patient,sourcing the root cause of the problem, and addressing the problem. Before The Pain Relief Center , a complete medical history is obtained, as well as physical examination, and diagnostic procedures to rule out the exact location of pain and the appropriate pain therapy needed. The most common pain management therapies include bilateral sacroiliac injections, cervical epidural injections, cortisone injection, facet joint injections, lumbar epidural injection, intraspinal drug infusion system, and spinal cord stimulation. Improper body mechanics causes pain of the lower back's one or both sides and the pain starts with the sacroiliac joint lying next to the spine, connecting the sacrum with the pelvis. The sacroiliac joint block uses a fluoroscope for guiding and inserting the medication by needle directly into the sacroiliac joint, and this treatment is repeated thrice a year, coupled with physical therapy for a maximum range of motion and mobility. When it comes to arthritis and sports injuries, a cortisone injection helps in relieving the pain of sprains and inflammation.

Spinal cord stimulation can help in treating chronic pain in your neck, back, or spine if medications, physical therapy, nerve blocks, or surgery are unable to relieve your pain. Spinal cord stimulation utilizes a power source in sending signals to your spinal cord in order to block the pain. For other related articles about pain management, you can visit the homepage or website of the Pain Center. Our expert pain doctor in Dallas Texas can help you achieve a pain-free and quality life, Click here for more details!